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My book in a real book store!

My book in a real book store!


My book in a real bookstore!




I live here.


There’s something about summer that permits, or rather, encourages, unproductivity. And while at any other time I would find shame in simply sitting outside all day in the sun, I think it’s absolutely necessary to sustain my own breathing in summer. So I sit in the sun, live by the sunsets, and feed off of the simple things. I have taken the time to exhale and find pride in the accomplishments in my life. I have written a book, which is something that took so much time and determination and screw it, I’m going to enjoy that.

Reviews and Reactions

Perhaps one of the greatest  and worst things about having my book published is receiving the reviews of strangers. Being that I do not know these people, they are not inclined to tell me what I want to hear, so when I peruse the reviews on sites such as Amazon, I hold my breath a little. I expect something brutal – some mockery of my writing skills – and yet, when I am met with positivity, it’s the best thing in the world. Having random people read my book and enjoy it is incredible.  And it’s putting my pessimism to shame.

My book!

My book!

My book finally came in the mail!
I have been smelling the pages for hours.

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