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My New Life as An Author

I am writing this as a person that has just jumped, excited and terrified, into a new life.  I have just taken a risk, and it might be the first risk I’ve ever taken in my entire life.  Yes, I think it is.

I quit my “real” job — never mind what that job is, for now — to take a year off and live by the ocean and write.  I have another “real” job — never mind what that job is, for now — to have time to look at sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets, and to have time to write and write more.  My new “real” job is so that I can also eat.  I heard that writers have to eat, too, and so I have a job that will sustain my basic needs without draining all of my creative energy.

The good news is, I am already a “real” author!  I wrote a book, called, One Hand Waving Free, and it’s a good book.  I’m a very modest person, so I needed at least 35 people to tell me how great it was before I said to myself, “It really is good.”  And now that people, real people, have actually purchased it (with real money), I am truly an author.

I fondle my published book daily.  I smell the pages.  I stare at it in wonder, and I read it critically.  Like many writers, I didn’t write it to sell it.  I wrote it only to tell a story.  Now I want to share that story.

It doesn’t come naturally to me to sell myself, but here is the plug:  One Hand Waving Free by Ellen Hofmann, available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback and on Barnes and Noble Nook.




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